Driven by motivation

Rewarded by success

Duchex is a Dutch clothing brand, crafted for the ambitious young spirited. We look beyond the status quo and have a wide range of clothing styles within collections. Duchex stands for diverse experiences demonstrated through clothing.

We’re here, here to stay

Our mission is to help you step out of the shadows and find your own identity through our collections. We want you to become who you want to be. Discover the world based on a desire for self-expression and continuously seeking deeper meaning in everything the world has to offer.

Our founder

Always in motion

Peter Ojo is the Founder & Chief Creative Director of Duchex. Peter is a 90’s kid born in the 2000s. His brothers inspired him throughout his childhood and introduced him to the real culture of music and fashion, mainly retro streetwear. The inspiration he took from this has influenced the designs of Duchex – his exclusive menswear clothing brand launched in 2022 founded by Peter at the age of 18.

Art and creativity live through Peter his daily life. New ideas coming to life, thinking outside of the box, and creating something that hasn’t been done before are where he gets his joy from. This translates seamlessly to the brand. Peter gets motivated by the idea of creating a platform that encourages the exploration of our world. From collection design to marketing campaigns, he wants to reinvent the way we think about fashion and more importantly, art.

Our philosophy

Duchex is a Dutch-based fashion brand established in 2022 by Peter Ojo. There are three main pillars of the brand, following each other hierarchically. Artistic expression, unique design, and unmatched craftsmanship. Duchex is created for a specific person. A young-spirited person, who through motivation, ambition, and curiosity, meets a lot of different people and discovers a lot of different cultures. This is the foundational idea of the brand. We will go all over the world, to use our philosophy to find new cultures, and incorporate that into our campaigns. This will be a platform where you can #DiscoverYourIdentity, because as we go from collection to collection, we are learning to express ourselves within the context of the unknown.

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